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Actual Member Savings

  • Michael Broadhead of Buckeye, AZ is currently saving $1,078.80 per year.
  • Kimberly McMullen of Chandler, AZ is currently saving $1,313.40 per year.
  • Glenda Miller of Tucson, AZ is currently saving $1,495.80 per year.
  • Shannon Nicholson of Apache Junction, AZ is currently saving $3,627.00 per year.
  • Cynthia Porter & Robert Ley of Phoenix, AZ are currently saving $5,127.60 per year.
Only $ 5995 Per Month Plus a one-time enrollment fee of $99.95
30-day Money Back Guarantee.

This is NOT health insurance and it is NOT a discount health plan.

This is a Health Advocacy Program designed to help our members eliminate or greatly reduce their monthly prescription costs. In addition, our members receive the following benefits:

  • Prescription Medication for Free
  • Personal Patient Advocate Included
  • Wellness Panel ($500 Value) for Free
  • Maximize Your Current Health Plan Benefits Included
  • CallMD – Talk to a licensed physician 24/7 Included
  • DME and Other Medical Supplies Free
  • Diabetic Supplies for Free

Patient Advocacy

Our Professional and well-educated team of Health Advocates help our members get their medications for free and significantly reduce the cost of certain treatments, tests and other medical procedures.

If our members can't get medication or diabetic supplies for free: the average discount is 90-95%.

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Real Savings Examples From Actual Members

Beaming woman with a hand on her cheek.

Angel B. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
She was paying $1,291 a month and now her medications are FREE.

Aging gentleman giving two thumbs up and holding a check.

John W. of Denton, MD
He was paying $3,741.75 a month and now his medications are FREE.

Elderly couple dining at a restaurant and enjoying life.

Deborah M. of Schwenksville, PA
She was paying $287 a month and now she only pays $13.40 a month.